Arts & Entertainment Tuesday: Chicago Restaurant Week

January 27 – February 9, 2017

It is for 14 days, but it’s called Restaurant Week.  During this time,  restaurants offer a fixed price menu that usually showcases their best dishes.  In general,  dinner would be available at a fixed price of $44, yet some may also include lunch and/or brunch (new for 2017) for $22.  

Causitas Moradas, Via Lima, Restaurant Week Menu 2017

Though only 300 Chicagoland restaurants are participating, we still have so many choices, it’s literally impossible to starve here.
It gives one a chance to try a new restaurant at a reasonable price. 

Palta Rellena, Via Lima, Restaurant Week Menu 2017

The list of restaurants and available menus are available here:

You can filter by restaurant name,  cuisine,  type of menu (ie brunch, lunch, and dinner), neighborhood and diet preference (ie vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free).

Shrimp Jambalaya, Lawry’s, Restaurant Week Menu 2017

Some menus are set and others may offer upgrades (for an upcharge). It may be best to look at both the regular menu and the restaurant week menu if you want to compare prices.  

Lawry’s Prime Rib, Restaurant Week Menu 2017

Or, you can look at the spreadsheet that this author presented here:

Tres Leches, Via Lima, Restaurant Week Menu 2017

By all means,  if something on their regular menu looks great to you,  go ahead and order it!  I have also been there,  meaning to order the restaurant week menu, but end up ordering off the regular menu instead.  What’s important is that you enjoy your meal, after all. 

Fettuccine Isabella, Bar Roma, Regular Menu

I hope that you have a chance to experience restaurant week.  Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!

Supper Club Saturday

“If you thought Izakaya is just part of a swanky name for just another one of the swanky restaurants in Bucktown, you are wrong.”

September 3, 2016

In this segment, Supper Club Saturday, one of us will give a review of a restaurant that we had been to.  Living in cities that offer a plethora of cuisines at our disposal, we just couldn’t help but to share our experiences with all of you!

Izakaya Mita

1960 North Damen

Bucktown, Chicago

If you thought Izakaya is just part of a swanky name for just another one of the swanky restaurants in Bucktown, you are wrong.  As one who has traipsed around Japan and visited its various izakayas, Izakaya Mita instantly brought me back to that place and time, to that first-, second-, or was it fifth sake in Tokyo…? (Ha!)


I started with a sake flight (because I was pretty indecisive to commit to only one).  The servers are pretty knowledgeable about the sake and what pairs best with your dish selection.  I had started with Takoyaki and Chasu Marinated Pork Belly.


Takoyaki – it had a perfect balance of crunch and flavor, without making the insides rubbery.


Chasu Marinated Pork Belly – so tender and juicy with just the right amount of fat.


Next was the Okonomiyaki, which was described to me as a savory pancake with cabbage, tempura, eggs, flour and pork belly (read: MAGIC!)


Followed by their Toshi’s Kyushu-Style Yaki Ramen with pork…


Can you tell that a way to this girl’s heart is pork?

Tying up the bow on this delectable gift of a meal, was banana tempura with mocha ice cream.


Over all, Izakaya Mita was not just delicious, but also a taste of how life is in the “Land of the Rising Sun.”


The sake is flowing aplenty + the food is comforting without being too heavy + great service = highly recommended by yours truly, Maeven!