Meal Prep Monday: Pre-Marinated Bulgogi

Another busy weekend in the works and the temptation to blow it off is high.  However, while shopping I did find some pre-marinated, thinly sliced ribeye steak (also known as bulgogi). In addition, they also had pre-made vegetables to go with the bulgogi. I already had the rice, so Korean BBQ it is!

I heated up a grill pan on medium – high fire.  Spray on some canola oil and place the marinated pieces on. Cook for a few minutes on both sides until done. Transfer onto a plate. 

Continue with all the pieces are done.  Serve with rice,  pickled daikon, seasoned vegetables.  

Another quick and easy meal prep in the books!



If pre-marinated Bulgogi isn’t available by you,  the recipe can be found here:

Meal Prep Monday: Teriyaki Lettuce Wraps

Sometimes you need a meal that you can enjoy warm or cold – teriyaki lettuce wraps  is one of those meals.

First, I took chicken breast and cut them into cubes that were about a half-inch to an inch big.  Then I placed them in a bowl and marinated them in Trader Joe’s Soyaki marinade overnight.

In the meantime, I had prepped some bean sprouts, sliced some cucumber, onions and mushrooms.
I also made some rice noodles as well.  Boil some water, add a little bit of salt, then the noodles.  They are cooked within a few minutes.

After the chicken was done marinating, I heated up a pan and added some canola oil.  I stir fried the chicken with sliced onion until done.

When finished, take some lettuce leaves (such as butter lettuce or romaine lettuce), place some rice noodles, followed by the chicken/onions, and top with veggies.  If desired, you can add some sauce, such as this:

It was easy, quick and healthy!  I hope that you will enjoy this as much as I have!




Meal Prep Monday: Bool Kogi Rice Bowl

I was shopping at Trader Joe’s and found the Bool Kogi – Korean-style marinated boneless beef ribs.  I just LOVE, LOVE LURVEEE Korean BBQ, specifically Bulgogi, so I decided to give it a try.  

It looks like this can be placed on an outdoor grill,  but after some online surfing,  some were cooking it in a grill pan or wok – I can definitely work with that!

First,  I prepared the rice.  You can pair this with any type of rice, such as brown,  wild,  or purple really.  However,  it has been a while since I made sushi rice, so I just made that.  

I heated up a grill pan and prepared the beef that way. Once the beef was finished, I placed it in the container on a layer of rice.  Then,  added sautéed spinach and pickled carrots & daikon. 

Voilà, my very own “almost bibimbop” bowl!

Did you try making Bool Kogi also?  How did it turn out? Please share in the comments below.