Happiness & Boom Boom Sauce


Happiness cannot be defined in a single sentence. I mean technically it can, but it wouldn’t be enough. Everyone’s view of and means of achieving happiness is different.  It’s both simple and complicated, and sometimes it can be rather frustrating. Continue reading “Happiness & Boom Boom Sauce”

CFA’s Favorite NW Suburban Coffee Spots


The thing about coffee is that there is hardly any breathing room between Starbucks and the closest Dunkin. Shoot, there’s hardly enough breathing room between Starbucks and the next Starbucks! Same goes for Dunkin. And I’ll admit – I have the app for both. Because I’m a sucker for racking up rewards.

But I’d say in the past 2 years, I’ve learned to stop pulling into the convenient drive thrus and pay attention to the quality of the coffee. Quick shout out to my cousin, who happens to be a contributor on atribecalledepicurious – he graciously donated a Moka pot to me, and it fueled my obsession. But more on the world of homemade coffee & caffeine variations another time.

I’m not about to invite you all into my home just yet. We’re not cool like that. I can’t let you see how “human” I truly am. For now, just believe me when I say my kids do not leave their toys ANYWHERE that isn’t a restricted play area, my laundry is always done & folded & put away, and we only use our finest non-plastic china to serve homemade, organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I mean, you don’t know me, so you have to just take my word for it. I swear.

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Jolibee – Chicago

Happy National Fried Chicken Day everyone!

I’ll admit, I was taken surprise by this day. I was totally off the ball and haven’t been keeping up with the ever important “Foodie Days”. You may think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m actually kind of disappointed in myself! These random days are so light-hearted and fun, they make for decent potluck days, and they sometimes make me think outside the box.

And by outside the box, I mean this time I’m referencing a Filipino CHAIN to celebrate.

20161008_150844Enter…. JOLIBEE. For Filipinos, specifically in the Chicagoland area, this was a huge freaking deal when the ‘bee first arrived. I’m talking, Six Flags-style lines, Black Friday-esque impatience… ya’ll really wanted your Chickenjoy.

And if you didn’t catch what I said, this is a CHAIN. With that said, I will drive the 30 minutes, passing yellow archs, crowns, and ivory towers to get my fix. At first, I was such a hater – mainly because I hate crowds and for the first several months, that’s all I saw when passing by. But now that the hype has died down, I managed to finally get my order in. Let’s focus on the chicken – I love fried chicken, and they’re doing it and doing it and doing it well.

And in case you haven’t gone in yourself, make sure to pick up their *peach mango pie* too. Better yet, get yourself like, 5. And hide that stash from your kids because they WILL steal them. And you will regret the things you say & do to your kids for being innocently drawn to sweet, sugary, beautiful things.

Yakitori Boogytori

Yes, it’s really fun to say. And yes, sometimes I say it all exaggerated, as if I’m the announcer for Iron Chef (original series). And YES, I spell it wrong 99% of the time!

But hiding on the shadows of Schaumburg, in a place called Arlington Heights, you will find one of my favorite suburban restaurants. Part of the reason I love it so much is because it is the offspring of my favorite restaurants in the CITY – Wasabi *_*.. but more about that another time.

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Arts & Entertainment Tuesday: Chicago Restaurant Week

January 27 – February 9, 2017

It is for 14 days, but it’s called Restaurant Week.  During this time,  restaurants offer a fixed price menu that usually showcases their best dishes.  In general,  dinner would be available at a fixed price of $44, yet some may also include lunch and/or brunch (new for 2017) for $22.  

Causitas Moradas, Via Lima, Restaurant Week Menu 2017

Though only 300 Chicagoland restaurants are participating, we still have so many choices, it’s literally impossible to starve here.
It gives one a chance to try a new restaurant at a reasonable price. 

Palta Rellena, Via Lima, Restaurant Week Menu 2017

The list of restaurants and available menus are available here:


You can filter by restaurant name,  cuisine,  type of menu (ie brunch, lunch, and dinner), neighborhood and diet preference (ie vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free).

Shrimp Jambalaya, Lawry’s, Restaurant Week Menu 2017

Some menus are set and others may offer upgrades (for an upcharge). It may be best to look at both the regular menu and the restaurant week menu if you want to compare prices.  

Lawry’s Prime Rib, Restaurant Week Menu 2017

Or, you can look at the spreadsheet that this author presented here:

Tres Leches, Via Lima, Restaurant Week Menu 2017

By all means,  if something on their regular menu looks great to you,  go ahead and order it!  I have also been there,  meaning to order the restaurant week menu, but end up ordering off the regular menu instead.  What’s important is that you enjoy your meal, after all. 

Fettuccine Isabella, Bar Roma, Regular Menu

I hope that you have a chance to experience restaurant week.  Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!

Special Feature: The Swedish Bakery 

The Swedish Bakery

5348 N. Clark St, Chicago Il 60640




After being in business for 88 years,  this week The Swedish Bakery announced on Facebook that they will close forever at the end of the business February 28th. According to a number of reports,  this is the last Swedish Bakery in the city.

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Das Radler – Chicago

dr_clock2375 N Milwaukee Ave | Chicago IL 60647

Das Radler is located in one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods. Logan Square boasts a lot of great restaurants, and Das Radler is now another at the top of my list.

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