Jaja is a West Coast adventurer who spends her free time exploring new places or trying new things, whether by herself or with friends. Sometimes she just spends her day watching Netflix with her cat. Her hobbies include photography, the occasional knitting, and finding her way to the gym. Chicago will always be her first love, but San Francisco is a close second.
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As a mother of 2, Justine loves Disney movies, dancing in her living room, and pinning things without ever attempting them. She enjoys trying new things, especially food adventures. She is very open-minded, but has zero tolerance for ignorance. As a teen, she used to be a hopeless romantic, but has since realized that fairy tale endings must be earned not wished upon (thanks Princess & the Frog). Her biggest disadvantage is that she loves too much. But she will not stop because it is who she is and loving too much still makes others around her happy.
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Maeven is a Chicago gal (born and bred!) inspired by the diverse cuisine her city has to offer and by the antics of her cats. When she has the chance, she indulges in her Wanderlust and explores this great world we live in.  On her downtime, she loves to binge watch shows on the DVR/Netflix with her husband, shop, karaoke and brainstorm at cafés.
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