Lincolnshire Marriott Resort & Three Embers


Porte Cochere_ Lincolnshire_Photo Credit Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort
Photo Credit: Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort

Let me preface this by reminding you I love my family. I love our busy schedules, I love going on adventures with them, and I equally love staying at home and having the girls put on various talent shows for me. Sometimes, however, I need something for myself. Beyond the networking events, beyond work, beyond brunch dates, sometimes I need some “me time”.

Outdoor Dining on the Lakeside Plaza_Photo Credit Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort

Photo Credit: Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort

And a mini staycation at the Marriott Resort in Lincolnshire could not have come at a more perfect time.


20180622_094143One of my favorite things to do to take a break is a staycation, but this was the very first time I’ve done it solo. Even for just one night (una nocheee), I felt almost guilty doing this. The Marriott Lincolnshire Resort recently underwent a massive $25M renovation, and includes some pretty impressive amenities & packages – which are ideal when searching for a staycation destination.

Among the new updates are a full-service Starbucks (aka my saving grace), a spa (aka my other saving grace), and two on-site dining options: Wrights Brew & Bistro and Three Embers Restaurant (aka my ultimate saving grace). I was invited to a private Chef’s Table event at Three Embers on a lovely, cool summer evening, so I opted to check in to the hotel that day. I arrived at 4pm, with plenty of time to relax, unwind, and get ready for dinner. I have to admit, that in the past 7 years as a mom, these quiet moments are few and far between.  There’s something about being in a hotel, where personal belongings are (typically) minimal, that make it easier to disconnect to the hustle and bustle. In the midst of getting ready, I was enthusiastically surprised when room service came to my door with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries as a precursor to the rest of the evening! 20180620_175041 From the 2nd floor, you can take a back staircase that takes you directly to Three Embers. From that balcony, you could see how beautiful the space truly is. There are windows all around and the view is so serene. 20180620_182900 We started off out on the Lakeside Pavilion, which features live acoustic music every Tuesday & Wednesday from 6-8pm. It was a perfect night to mix and mingle with some fellow food enthusiasts.

Lincolnshire Marriott Resort & Three Embers
A few of my favorite Instagrammers (L to R): Gabe (blimpeatsalot), Kendra (chicagofoodhunter), ME! Christine (weeatchicago), Katie (appetite_4_adventure), and John (weeatchicago)

Lincolnshire Marriott Resort & Three EmbersWe were served a variety of hors d’oeuvres, including smoked salmon served over crisp quinoa & granny smith apple, as well as lamb meatballs served over goat cheese. 20180624_103027Once dinner was ready, we headed inside and were greeted by both Executive Chef Yo Chang & F&B Director Chef Pierre Daval. Both are passionate about their work and it shows. In Chef Daval’s own words:

Chef Pierre Daval_Photo Credit Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort

Photo Credit: Chicago Marriott Lincolnshire Resort

“Three Embers Restaurant honors the simplicity, versatility and quality of Midwest cuisine, while integrating a southern European flair – making it unlike any other dining destination offered in Lake County.”

Most of the ingredients used are sourced directly from the resort’s on-site farm, greenhouse, and apiary.20180624_102846Now, let’s get on to the food. Most people overlook the bread & butter that is offered before the meal actually starts.Lincolnshire Marriott Resort & Three EmbersAt Three Embers, you do NOT want to make this mistake! The bread is made fresh every day and the butter is actually honey butter. And yes, the honey is harvested from one of their beehives on the farm. I may have smuggled a little bit of this to eat for breakfast the next day. Maybe.20180620_192657We were then served Honey Badger Glazed Pork Belly, which is served with miso sabayon, pickled blueberries, and bitter greens. This felt like home to me. If you’re familiar with Filipino food, it was definitely reminiscent of an upscale adobo dish.20180620_194142Next up was the grilled farm vegetables, served with shrimp, tomato jus, and basil. SO REFRESHING! It was seasoned well, and you could taste the freshness in every bite.Lincolnshire Marriott Resort & Three Embers

Moving on to the Alaskan Halibut, served with risotto, charred leek, and preserved lemon. This was also (to me) a lighter dish that wouldn’t make you feel uncomfortably full if you had finished it. I did not manage to finish this as I was already getting so full from everything else.20180620_201420

AND THERE WAS STILL MORE FOOD! The Veal Tenderloin was next. It was poached in milk and served with ricotta dumpling and crispy mushrooms. As wonderful as the entire plate was, I was so focused on the mushrooms – they were unique and so delicious to me!Lincolnshire Marriott Resort & Three Embers

And finally, we had made it to dessert. Three Embers offers a dessert duo that comes with chocolate pave (raspberry sorbet, rhubarb, and chocolate crumble) and honey crème brulee (blood orange, pistachios, and white chocolate). Both were so good that I managed to finish all of it despite my regret for stuffing my face with the bread at round one!

Lincolnshire Marriott Resort & Three Embers

Before retreating to my room to fall into a heavy food coma, I decided to step back out onto the plaza. It was just about getting dark out and I wanted to enjoy the views one more time. They had a bonfire going and I learned that the resort hosts a Bourbon & Bonfires event once a month. For $45/person, you are served bourbon flights while enjoying small plates & relaxing around either a patio fire pit or fire table. The next dates are August 15 & October 17.

I sipped the last of my wine as I appreciated the fact that I would not have to leave the place quite yet. I could still enjoy the fluffy pillows, clean sheets, and hot shower awaiting me on the 2nd floor.

And let me tell you. Enjoy the space I definitely did. Once the makeup was off, the jammies were on (sorry I’m still a mom. I talk like this.), and the sheets turned down, I’m pretty sure I melted into the bed and knocked out immediately. I woke up the next day realizing it had been so long since I had slept so well. And for that, Marriott Resort of Lincolnshire, I thank you.

I had a bit of work to do (yes, reality creeped in rather quickly) so I took advantage of the free wi-fi (available to Marriott Rewards members only, but hey it’s free to sign up so why not?!), picked up my go-to Grande Vanilla Latte downstairs, and got to work. I lost track of time and realized it was time to check out, but all I had to do was take advantage of Express Check Out over the phone. Easy peesy.
Lincolnshire Marriott Resort & Three Embers

Although I absolutely loved my 24 hour relationship with the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort, I knew my time had come to an end. I cannot wait to go back though – possibly with my family this time. I have a variety of criteria when it comes to traveling with kids and the resort would definitely be ideal!

They are currently offering Summer Staycation Packages for both couples & families, and trust me – there is something for EVERYONE!

  • Room rates starting at $169 for two guests
  • Breakfast for two
  • $25 resort credit (that can be applied to Three Embers Restaurant and Wright’s Brew & Bistro, The SPA and more)
  • Choose to dine in either restaurant – Three Embers Restaurant or Wright’s Brew & Bistro – and receive a complimentary bottle of wine
  • All resort guests have access to the following summer activities:
    • indoor and outdoor swimming pool
    • sundeck with bar service
    • outdoor plaza with lounge seating and fire features
    • golf
    • spa
    • bocce ball
    • ping-pong
    • sand volleyball
    • children’s playground
    • complimentary one-hour bike rentals
    • hiking trails

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary hotel room & an invitation to the Chef’s Table event in exchange for social media exposure. All opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of any affiliated persons or organizations referenced in this post. Any prices or offers mentioned are subject to change. For the most up-to-date packages and offers, please refer to the Marriott Lincolnshire Resort’s website or call (847) 634-0100 directly.

The Marriott Lincolnshire Resort can be found at: 10 Marriott Drive | Lincolnshire IL 60069

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