Hubbard Inn Winter Menu Preview


This time of year is always a time full of family, magic, and holiday cheer, but it is also always a time of frantic planning, shopping, hosting, and altogether chaos. Some nights, I just need a short break. A few hours where I am able to relax, dine, and drink with adults. I replace the Doc McStuffins theme song with jazzy lounge music. I replace the yoga pants and slippers with fitted pants and some boots.


  This week, a few bloggers and I were able to preview the new winter menu at Hubbard Inn in River North. And can I just say this was the perfect night and venue to escape the routinely chaos.

photo credit: Hubbard Inn

 Hubbard Inn now offers a series called “Live at the Lounge”, a winter weekly series featuring live music on the first floor. Every Thursday from 9pm-11pm, you can enjoy some soulful lounge music while sipping on those winter drink specials, which includes a Peppermint White Russian (pictured above), Hot Spiced Wine, and a Cinnamon Apple Hot Toddy ($14 each). My friends and I tried a couple of their regularly featured drinks as well – the Colorado Sunrise, Friends with Benefits, and Blue My Mind.

And they also have a late night menu which features some of my favorite things:

Bacon Wrapped Dates ($10)
Applewood Smoked Bacon Sliders ($12)
Mushroom & Asparagus Flatbread ($14)
(A Big Ol’) Seafood Platter ($90)
oysters, crab legs, poached shrimp, shucked clams, and half a Maine lobster

Oh, but in case you’re like me and don’t typically spend your nights out beyond 9pm, they also have some Winter dinner menu items as well!

 Grilled Grass Fed Bison Burger ($17)
Tomato jam, Taleggio cheese, caramelized onion, malted vinegar pickle, cracked pepper aioli
Jambon & Machego Flatbread ($14)
Serrano ham, grated tomato, Manchego cheese, garlic olive oil, fresh parsley
Salt Cod Brandade ($11)
Fresh baked French bread, piquillo pepper, olive oil, fine herbs
Escargot & French Pastry ($13)
Overnight baked white beans, local apple, black pepper molasses, sorel
Roasted Spaghetti Squash & Shrimp Meatballs ($23)
Shrimp & pork meatball, pearl onion confit, cherry tomato, Parmesan broth

 From the Winter menu, I’d have to say the Bison Burger was hands down my favorite dish. On my way home, I was still thinking about it, and upon seeing my friends’ IG stories the following morning, I was still craving it! They cook the burgers properly – it was juicy, a nice medium well, and the flavors of the other ingredients played well with the bison. I did enjoy the squash & shrimp meatballs, but I’d probably prefer opting for the seafood platter in the future. What can I say, I just really love a giant tray of assorted treasure!

 Overall, between the ambiance that Hubbard Inn has always offered, the exciting new menu items, and the addition of live music once a week, I’d definitely say this is a prime spot in River North to check out with a date, some friends, or even solo if that’s your thing!


For more information head to:
Hubbard Inn
110 W Hubbard St
Chicago, IL 60654


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