Family Fun at Frato’s!

Summer is officially over for my kids and their friends. And with the end of summer comes the end of planning play dates at water parks & outdoor playgrounds. Some days when trying to make plans, I give up because indoor activities can get either played out (indoor bounce “zones” only last so long before someone gets sick or hurt) or expensive. And then I still have to find places for them to EAT – and let’s face it. Kids can get picky. And picky eaters get cranky way too quickly for the parents to truly relax and enjoy their meal.

Enter our saving grace: Frato’s Pizza & Catering in Schaumburg.


I used to think of Frato’s as just take-out/delivery pizza. Then one day I decided to take my family with me to just eat there (I’ll be honest: it’s so that I wouldn’t have to clean up after everyone. Which is A HUGE deal for a tired, over-worked mom). I realized this is a place I could make a regular outing.


And what a PERFECT opportunity this past weekend. My 1st grader & her friends all went separate ways for school this year, so the parents and I wanted to meet up for an “end of the year” lunch. So we decided to take the risk of bringing not 1-2 kids, but 6 KIDS AND A BABY with us, 4 poor old souls (3 moms & 1 dad) and eat at Frato’s.

[Drool-worthy pictures after the jump!]

The nice thing about Frato’s is that you can order online, and let them know you’re dining in. I LOVE this option when the kids are with us because we don’t have to wait very long for food to appear. Now, knowing the kids were coming, I ordered appetizers. You know, the portion of the menu known as “light snacks” before the main course.


A light snack such as mozzarella sticks. Well, SURPRISE! These aren’t your basic frozen breaded string cheese sized pieces.


And you know, just in case those weren’t enough – you can always order my go-to appetizer: mother freakin fried pizza dough.


These come in 2 flavors: parmesan garlic bites with marinara dipping sauce (above) or my favorite – the parmesan buffalo bites with ranch (or bleu cheese).


And of course you can’t have pizza without wings right?! Right. Obviously. And in case you haven’t caught the trend I’m trying to hint at – Frato’s goes big or goes home.. every. single. time.

You can order 6-, 12-, or 18-pieces at a time… get them naked or breaded, then make the ever difficult decision on which 1-2 sauces you want. HINT: get their new Whiskey BBQ flavor. Because I said so.


OH! PIZZA!! Okay so I gotta admit that when it comes to pizza, I’m usually very average. Give me a spinach & sausage thin crust and I’m in HEAVEN.

BUT Frato’s is an exception. The chefs know what they’re doing back there with those flavor combinations.

My favorite is their Spanish Chorizo Pizza: tri-colored peppers, pineapples (yes, I’m THAT type of person), chorizo (pork), and triple cheese combo (pepper jack, cheddar, & mozz).. drool with me (and this random toy) people!


*Okay but bonus points for anyone who can tell me what that toy is. Because it belonged to one of the kids and I literally could NOT get a straight answer when I asked him. But I feel like it’s somehow my Monday-morning Spirit Animal.

NOW… before I lose your attention span as quickly as we lost our kids’ attention. FOCUS FOR ONE MORE MINUTE. Because this is important. Frato’s is more than just good food. It’s good people that back a good community. They offer an apprenticeship program for those who are looking for a career in the food & hospitality industry. And after speaking to various staff members, from the owner, a manager, the executive chef, as well as the students, one thing was very clear. They all have a passion for what they are doing. They are proud of what they are serving, but are also open to hear how they’re doing. They allow these students to really shine, giving them opportunities to become professionals – whether in the kitchen, in sales, or leadership. And when it comes to finding leaders who can help kids become leaders themselves, this is the type of company this mama supports!

So CHEERS Frato’s! Thank you for making my kids and their mamas (and daddies) happy campers.


Frato’s can be found at

628 S. Roselle Road in Schaumburg


Mon – Thurs: 11:00am – 9:00pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Sun: 11:00am – 9:00pm

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