Meal Prep Monday: Home-Made Chorizo

“You had me at ‘DIY Chorizo’…”

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, a number of my favorite recipes include chorizo.  Over the years,  I found a favourite supermarket brand (Supremo) and a couple of local store brands (carnicerias that make their own chorizo).  

Then I found this recipe for DIY chorizo and I was stoked! 

I gathered up my ingredients and measured up the spices that I needed. 

I placed the spices on the ground pork and I used my hands to mix it altogether.

Once all is combined, cover the container, and leave it in the refrigerator for 1 to 3 days. This will allow all the flavors to marry. 

I admit,  the hardest part was the wait. 
Once it is ready,  heat up a skillet and place some of the chorizo there.  

The chorizo will, at first, get soupy.

After some time, all that will be left is a thin oil. 

The chorizo is done once it gets crispy.  From here, a variety of meals can be made, such as:
Chorizo and eggs…


And my personal favorite, enchiladas!

I am sure that beef can be substituted for pork – preferrably chuck, or with 15% or more of fat.  
There you have it! Paired with your favorite flavor margarita, your Cinco de Mayo will be a guaranteed hit!



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