Meal Prep Monday: Turkish Shredded Beef (Wild Gardens)

At the end of 2016, I won a contest via Instagram and received this really fun little package from Wild Gardens:


Upon unpacking, I discovered more and more goodies!


I finally made time to experiment with two options – the Turkish marinade as well as the Rice & Lentil instant rice package.


The Turkish marinade is recommended for a variety of proteins, but today I opted for beef.

First I simply lined the bottom of the slow cooker with some peeled baby potatoes (although you can leave the peel on yours if that’s your preference. It’s mine, but my kids are the final judges and I wanted to win their affection & gratitude.) and 1 large onion, quartered.  I picked up a 4lb (plus a little more) chuck roast from Sam’s Club, seared it on the stove, then put it in the slow cooker for a lovely 8 hour night shift.


*The above picture shows only 2lb of beef. The other half was still searing on the pan. And my stovetop is kind of ugly, so I’m hiding it from you guys 😉

I dumped the whole marinade packet, then added chicken broth because I like a lot of “soup” to mix with my rice (I’m Filipino, what can I say?). My exact measurement – two Wild Green packets worth =) I also used this method so that I could get the extra oil and seasoning left in the packet. I found this Garlic-Infused Chicken Broth at Jewel Osco (Albertsons for you non-Chicagoans). And because I love garlic-infused anything, I think it went really well with my prep.


Let me just say that whenever I use my slow cooker, my house smells AMAZZZINGG!! And this time proved no exception. After roughly 9 hours (I overslept, but hey my slow cooker drops down to a “warming” setting so it didn’t ruin the cooking process), I checked on my meat. After my lovely meat-scented, slightly eye-burning facial, I shredded the beef with two giant serving-size forks. I served it with a side of the rice & lentil package (cook as directed – 90 seconds in the microwave) and some corn because my kids will eat anything with corn.


And ta-da! Justine proves that she, too, can not just find great places to eat, but also sometimes cook. Even if it is the simplest way possible 😉

Hope you enjoyed my first ever meal prep post! Maybe if I can prove myself some more, Maeven will let me take over more hehe

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