Das Radler – Chicago

dr_clock2375 N Milwaukee Ave | Chicago IL 60647

Das Radler is located in one of my favorite Chicago neighborhoods. Logan Square boasts a lot of great restaurants, and Das Radler is now another at the top of my list.

I’ll admit that I don’t go to German restaurants often, simply because I’m not familiar with traditional offerings, and I’m not a huge fan of giant pretzels (I know.. I probably lost your interest or even your friendship at this point). But since so many pictures of that damn pretzel on yelp, I figured, what the hell, why not. Maeven & I stopped by on a cold (I mean yeah it’s January in Chicago) Thursday night after work to try the pretzel and a few other dishes.

By the way – here’s the pretzel:


According to the menu (because I didn’t even read the description before ordering), the two “dips” that this order comes with are Barley Malt Butter & Blackberry Jam. I was like “WHOA pretzels with PB&J?!” Well obviously I was partially wrong. While they were great ways to complement the pretzel, the pretzel alone was really good. Did I mention I don’t like pretzels? I loved this!

We also ordered fried brussel sprouts and the Haus Sausage Platter.


 The sausage platter came with 4 different kinds of sausage, 3 different kinds of mustard, and rye bread.  Specifically – we had a selection of knockwurst, bockwurst, thuringer & pfaelzer. Try saying that 3x fast. Shoot try saying that ONCE fast was enough for me. And to be honest I don’t remember the kinds of mustard I got (EDIT: smoky mustard, beer mustard, and spicy mustard thanks to their site), but it all went so perfectly together with the sauerkraut & rye.

dr_wurstplatterNow one of my favorite things to order when I see it on a menu is brussel sprouts that AREN’T just steamed or boiled. And yes, my drug of choice is anything fried. Because I’m just that good. So when I see fried brussel sprouts on the menu, I’m going for it.


There were pieces of candied ginger in there that created a whole extra level of greatness. I couldn’t stop eating these, even when I was full. Who needs self control anyways?!

To keep myself from going parched, I ordered a Haus Lemon Radler – and since they gave me the option of doing so, I added that shot of tequila like a real adult should!

dr_beerI’ve never finished a beer before.  I usually leave the last 1-2 inches to go to waste (don’t even). But this time I finished my whole glass. See? I’m a good girl. No wasted alcohol here!

I can’t wait to come back. I meant to try the schnitzel my first time around, but did you see all the food we ordered?! Did I mention we weren’t even hungry? LOL Next time. There is always next time.


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