Nini’s Deli (Noble Square)


I’m a sucker for a family owned business.. especially if they show how passionate they are about their product/business. Nini’s Deli in Noble Square (543 N Noble St 60642 to be exact) is a perfect example of what I’m talking about.


The menu is small, which I appreciate.  My favorite sandwich on the menu is by far the media noche – turkey, pickles, mustard, swiss cheese, and fried plantains (see above).


BUT no matter what, I always order the besitos 20160326_140701– tortilla chips with powdered sugar and guava jelly (homemade!).  SO. FREAKING. ADDICTING. I mean, c’mon.. the name translates to “little kisses”. No need to even go further in trying to sell you on these. Make your way over to see Juan and his family NOW!

They have other items on the menu that make an occassional appearance and are limited quantities. Being from the suburbs, I haven’t had the opportunity to try them out, but someday I’m calling in sick just to get a taste of the cuban steak egg and cheese sandwich (Dear managers, if you’re reading this… please pretend the last sentence does not exist. Thanks).  They also offer a gluten free option now, which I know is extremely important to many with a legit gluten intolerance.

To wash everything down, you have two VID (very important decisions) – the hibiscus lemonade and the iced cuban coffee (both pictured in the first shot, with my beautiful face. and some cute kids I found). When you get asked if you want whipped cream on top of the coffee, don’t be stupid. Say yes, proudly.

As I finish writing this, I honestly regret not coming by more often. The downside is that their hours are limited. With this place being a family owned & operated shop, I don’t expect them to work 100 hours a day, so I forgive them LOL Check out their website & IG pages for more details!

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