​Meal Prep Monday: Tilapia and Quinoa

So Mariano’s had this special where they take the fish fillet of your choice, they season it, and place it in an oven-ready bag for you to bake at home.  This week, they had a special on tilapia filets, so I ordered some.  They placed the filet in the oven-safe bag and added a pat of butter, parsley, lemon and rosemary garlic seasoning (there are five different seasonings to choose from).  The baking instructions are also on the bag.  My total for one package: $3.92 (awesome!)

At home, I followed the directions on my bag and heated up my oven to 375F.  I placed the bag with my fish and seasonings on a baking pan that I lined with foil (in
case any juices run out for easy clean-up).  The package suggested that I use a fork to make some steam holes in the bag, so I did that also. When the oven was ready, I placed everything in it and baked it for 18-20 minutes.


When it is done, I used scissors to cut it open (be careful not to burn yourself with either the package or the steam).   It just looked and smelled so yummy!

I paired it with tri-colored quinoa mixed with spinach and some sweet potato.  The quinoa I had cooked according to package directions and mixed in the spinach at the end.  The
potato I had steamed separately.

I hope that you find this as simple, quick and delicious as I had!


One thought on “​Meal Prep Monday: Tilapia and Quinoa”

  1. Oh goodness, this sounds insanely good! Loving the blog and your recipes 🙂 This is totally something that I’d devour instantly, especially since it looks pretty simple to make and involves the heavenly SWEET POTATO! Plus, yay for meal prep. Thank you for sharing, and I’m looking forward to more posts!

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