Sunday Instagram Round-up (Week 1)

Good morning, everyone! It’s been a week and a half since Eat Play Chicago LA went live, and together with Justine and Maeven, we just want to say thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who’s been stopping by our blog, Twitter, and Instagram. We truly whole-heartedly appreciate your support.

Every Sunday, we want to share with our blog community the photos that made the cut on our Instagram feed. You can also follow us @eatplaychicagola.


Thin crust, brick-oven pizza from Big Chef Burgers


View of the city from the rooftop of Griffith Observatory


Black sesame soft serve ice cream from ReLeaf


Refreshing cold drinks while chilling at Newport Beach


J. Paul Getty Center is a perfect way to spend your day, from exploring the exhibits to laying on the grass outside.


Asparagus, portabello eggs benedict w/ breakfast potatoes from Brunch Cafe.


Something different from Jamba Juice: Strawberry-peanut butter-banana smoothie bowl.

Check out our blog and IG for more of our food and travel adventures! (All places and food information can be found on the Eat and Play categories under the Directory menu)


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