Supper Club Saturday: Gabutto Burger

“I think I found my new favorite burger place…”

​Gabutto Burger – Burgers with Japanese Twists

1410 Golf Road, Rolling Meadows, IL 

Gabutto Burger is no stranger to this area, as it used to reside in the food court within the Mitsuwa Marketplace down the street on Algonquin Road.  It had gathered a following while they were there, and there were many tears shed when it had to close up shop.  Well, here’s a box of Kleenex. Dry up your tears and rejoice, for they have returned.

Their official grand-opening was this past Tuesday, September 6th, but from what I understand, they had a soft opening beforehand. When you walk-in, the music that they play on the overhead sounds like a hybrid of heavy-metal and techno (found out later it was a song by Babymetal – which I may, or may not be listening to as I draft this article). It really brings you back to the DRR-at your-local-arcade days. 

Their signs for the condiments, sodas and spices all have their own anime-type “mascot”. Everything is so kawaii I can hardly contain myself while waiting for my food.  At the counter, before I had a chance to peruse their menu, I noticed that they had their very own t-shirts, buttons and coasters.

On the menu, they mostly feature burgers made from a mix of ground beef and pork (you can get an all-beef burger if you ask).  Each sandwich was fresh and made to order. They also have tofu burgers, chicken wings, the option to make your burger a lettuce wrap, but hey, let’s have the menu do all the talking for us instead…

We ordered the BBQ Pork Rice Burger, Shrimp Burger, Teriyaki Wasabi Burger and the Crabby Burger (not just for crabby people, or so the sign said!) Oh yeah, and a large order of frittes (read: fries) to split amongst us.

The BBQ Pork Rice Burger has BBQ pork, cabbage slaw, and, instead of bread bun, it is a rice bun (basically the BBQ Pork rice bowl as a sandwich). 

The Shrimp Burger was a shrimp patty (almost like a crab cake, but made with shrimp), special mayo and slaw. 

The Teriyaki Wasabi Burger had their original patty (half beef and half pork), wasabi mayo, tomato, lettuce, and tomato.

Finally, the Crabby Burger had a soft shell crab that was tempura battered and fried before sandwiched in a bun with slaw and vinaigrette.   

In other establishments, the condiment that is usually available for fries is ketchup.  Gabutto Burger brought that up a notch and provides, not just one, not just two, but EIGHT different seasonings and spices to dust your frites with.  

In addition, (why, yes, there is more) there are three different type of sauces to either dip or douse your frittes in.  In addition to ketchup, there is spicy mayo and wasabi mayo available.  

No matter which one we took a bite out of the reaction was the same:  Taste bud explosion!  Each sandwich had a good flavor and was not bland.  The sweetness of the teriyaki complemented the heat of the wasabi, and the amount of the wasabi was not too much to overpower the flavor of the entire burger.  The Crabby Burger reminded me of  a Spider Roll.

The frittes seasonings brought up the “umami” factor, especially when combined with their special sauces.  

I wish I had more room in my stomach to try their other offerings, but alas, I must wait another day (maybe then I can try some of their desserts, too!)

At the moment, everything is a la carte, and their burgers start at either $6 or $6.50.  I know, this is more than what any other fast food place offers, but again, they make their sandwiches fresh, not frozen, with every order.  The flavor is also there, even without all their extra condiments.  The atmosphere is great and the people there are very nice.  

We even recommend visiting the bathrooms (even if you don’t have to “go!”)

(From Gabutto Burger, Facebook page)

With me, I don’t mind paying extra money for food, especially if it is delicious and of high quality.  Gabutto Burger meets (and exceeds) these qualifications.  

Therefore, Gabutto Burger – shut up and….

Seriously, though, I think I found my new favorite burger place!

-Maeven (partial photo credit:  Justine)

Gabutto Burger on Facebook & Twitter: (@GabuttoBurger)


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