Dupage Children’s Museum

Every Friday we’ll be posting family fun days. This could go from assorted adventures with little kids in tow to a day of bonding with siblings and parents of all ages.

Located on the outskirts of the lovely Downtown Naperville grounds is a very, very fuchsia wall.

And on the other side of that wall are very, very colorful letters spelling out the name of a very, very enthusiastic domain. DCM is jam packed with things to do.

Upon entering, you come across a multitude of things to touch and experiment. My favorite place to start is the shadow & lights exhibit.  You can WRITE with the lights!

And then once you’re done practicing your John Hancock 100 times, you move on to taking pictures of your shadows! Although my 2 year old didn’t seem to like it much, my 5 year old had a blast! She posed at least 10 different ways and even high-fived her shadow self.

(I took this photo of P & I posing)

Moving on from the shadows and lights, you can go work on your other senses. We moved from sight to touch, and entered the water zone.  Now in this area, it’s highly suggested that you wear the given aprons to prevent getting drenched.

My 5 year old absolutely LOVED attempting putting herself in a bubble. And I say attempted because it failed so many times. I even went in myself and managed to get about 3 feet of a bubble “wall” before it popped.

Since my 2 year old was also scared of the giant bubble wall, Daddy took her to look at fish instead. I guess they’re less intimidating.

Once we were done learning about all the different ways to soak Mommy’s toes since she wore open-toe sandals, we decided learning about electricity would be a better idea.

There were various sections set up to teach you about conductors and other things that I didn’t pay attention to. For the sake of a blog, I probably should have. But hey, like all the other kids, I just wanted to focus on pretty things. And hands on things. And oOo pretty fabrics!

As with any other museum visit, after a while, the kids start to get a little fussy. We decided it was time for late lunch/early dinner and headed out.

Overall we had such a blast! It’s a 45 minute drive out from Chicago, but if you’re like me, you might appreciate the public trans option available! It’s a 1 hour Metra train ride and it practically takes you and your family to the front door! For more information, visit DCM and plan out your day!

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